Saturday, 3 June 2017

Machine Embroidery in the Wild

A few weeks ago The Quilt Show shared a link to a YouTube video of Harriet Riddell an intrepid machine embroiderer. I bookmarked it because I didn't have time to watch it, only to promptly forget about it. Having rediscovered it and watched it I just had to share Harriet in India.

Harriet describes herself as a performing machine embroiderer and she travels with her trusty sewing machine which has been converted to operate from a battery or the sun or a bicycle. Harriet sketches what is around her using a sewing machine and what she produces is amazing. Here is Harriet in Kenya.

Love machine embroidery and to see it being done out in the wild by someone so passionate is inspiring.

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  1. I missed that when it was shared by TQS. Fascinating video and a very brave lady.