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Ready to Sew Janis Two Ronnies Top

This is my third version of the Janis top view one by Ready to Sew. All of them have the basic style lines but only the first version is entirely true to the pattern. This version whilst it achieved my vision is less successful on the body. It won't stop me from wearing it as I really like the fabric.

The finished garment

So sleeves as a statement have made a comeback but in a way that is a bit too close to the Eighties for me. All those ruffles to dip into the gravy - quelle horreur. Still with statement sleeves in mind and as usual a shortage of The Two Ronnies' fabric I thought a stripe was the answer. The statement part being that the stripe in the sleeves match the one in the body. Not a very smart idea to have a visibly widening effect at the waist - live and learn, maybe.

Creates Sew Slow: Ready to Sew Janis Two Ronnies Top

Creates Sew Slow: Ready to Sew Janis Two Ronnies Top

Creates Sew Slow: Ready to Sew Janis Two Ronnies TopCreates Sew Slow: Ready to Sew Janis Two Ronnies Top

The fabric

The spectacle fabric is an Avalana jersey 95% cotton and 5% elastane by Stof Fabrics.  The stripe fabric is also an Avalana but with 94% cotton and 6% elastane, which is just not as nice to the touch as the spectacle fabric nor does it stretch the same. This fabric was purchased from All Things Patchwork on our Easter trip away so once again not a very long maturation period.

Creates Sew Slow: Stof Avalana Spectacles

Creates Sew Slow: Stof Avalana Stripes

So why call this the Two Ronnies' top you ask. For anyone familiar with British 1970's comedy the answer is clear and for everyone else there is Wikipedia.

The pattern

Janis is described as a peplum style top with two collar options, both available in short and long sleeves.  It's fitted at the shoulders and falls into a relaxed fit below the bust. This is a modified version of view one with the round neckline and 3/4 length sleeves.

Creates Sew Slow: Ready to Sew Janis Top

The pattern alterations

I used the same pattern with changes as per my first version with the neckline lowered that extra 1/4 inch as per my second version. The additional changes made to the front and back pieces were:
  • Fold up the front and back pieces at the lengthen shorten line to remove the curve. Add 2" to the length
  • Taper the side seams to remove 1/4 inch at the base
  • Cut a band the width of your front and back pieces x 4 1/8 inches (mine was 39 3/4 x 4 1/8 inches)

For the sleeves a short sleeve was cut using my TNT knit sleeve. This was cut longer than I thought I needed then after one had been basted into the garment to determine length I cut both measuring 11 7/8 inches from the cap. Cut two rectangular strips the width of the short sleeve from both the stripe (4 1/8 inches) and spectacles (3 5/8 inches). Sew these rectangles to the short sleeve and then re-cut to shape using the sleeve pattern.

Given the widening effect of the stripe at the waist I wonder if it would look better with a narrower waist stripe of 2 inches, and the top and peplum both increased by 1 inch to retain the overall length. Or even reduce the waist by tapering in the side seams more. Oh well it is made now but possibly some good thoughts for next time.

The sewing

Yet another simple knit top sewn on the overlocker.  Hems (sleeve, peplum and neck edge) turned under and hemmed with a straight stitch and ballpoint needle in my little Singer Featherweight.

The only difference to the previous version is sewing together the different fabrics and working out the length of the sleeve so the stripes match up.  The sewing order was:
  • Overlock the shoulder seams
  • Overlock one side seam
  • Add the striped band to the bottom of the body
  • Baste in the round one short spectacles sleeve to determine the length where it would meet the spectacles on the body. (You can then cut both sleeves accordingly and assemble the three sleeve pieces together)
  • Set in the sleeves (one in the round and one flat as normal)
  • Overlock the other side seam
  • Add the peplum to the bottom of the body
  • Hem the sleeve, peplum and neck edge

I really do have some more interesting sewing percolating around in my head. A couple of coats in fact from two late 90's Vogue designer patterns. As usual there is a bit of procrastination at the start due to the effort needed to think through and do the necessary fitting alterations, as well as the waste of fabric fear (will this fabric be as great made into this coat as it is in my head). Another knit top is quite a good delaying tactic and I certainly have enough fabric to feed the machine.

The styling

This week I had a bit of a black and white theme going with my work outfits so I added my pink Sable and Minx wool/cashmere cardigan to brighten things up.

Here is my casual Friday outfit. Janis Two Ronnies top worn with black trousers from Witchery, my aforementioned pink cardigan and United Nude Eamz Alexa Black shoes.

Creates Sew Slow: Ready to Sew Janis Two Ronnies Top

Here is my outfit minus the cardigan and a better picture of the shoes.

Creates Sew Slow: Ready to Sew Janis Two Ronnies Top

Creates Sew Slow: United Nude Eamz Alexa

So it's goodnight from me and it's goodnight from him.

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  1. Another great top and those shoes are a feat of engineering. I wonder who the 3rd pair of glasses is? My first thought was the Class sketch with the 2 Ronnies and John Cleese but they weren't wearing glasses in that one.