Saturday, 28 January 2017

To Mend or Not to Mend?

When your dearly beloved asks you to mend his holey trouser pockets do you suggest a shopping expedition or mend them?

My first thought was that the trousers are old enough to surely get some new ones.  My second thought was mending would be less traumatic and my third was I managed to throw away some moth eaten underpants two weeks ago and I better not push my luck!!

Exhibit A the holey pockets...

Creates Sew Slow: Holey trouser pocket 2Creates Sew Slow: Holey trouser pocket 1

No pocket lining fabric to hand but I did have some quilting cotton which whilst not ideal will hopefully outlast the rest of the trousers.

Chop off the offending part of the pockets.  One was worst than the other but I removed the same portion from both.
Creates Sew Slow: Chopping off the offending holey part

Creates Sew Slow: Replacement pocket part

Sew french seams.
Creates Sew Slow: Sewing the french seam

Sew the binding back around the pocket.
Creates Sew Slow: The mended pocket

Job done.

Apparently this was a better job than expected.  I was just supposed to fold up the damaged part and sew over it. Left to his own devices this job would have involved a stapler. Not quite sure how you would have used the pockets afterwards.  Anyway when they enter the next stage of their life I am sure you need pockets in your gardening trousers too.

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  1. You really are racking up the brownie points with your sensible sewing. When I was given a similar job to do I took the easy way out and shortened the pockets to above the wear line. I can't imagine they were very useful after that though.