Saturday, 21 January 2017

Glamourous sewing

In the push and shove of a sales frenzy I bought a super king duvet cover for our king size duvet. Unfortunately the error was not spotted until the point of use (after throwing the packaging away and washing).

Slightly miffed with myself but at least I bought a larger one which as a sewer I can alter. Not immediately of course it had to go back into the linen cupboard for a bit of timeout.

Today the time came to rectify the size discrepancy. 40cm was carefully removed from the width.

Creates Sew Slow: Glamourous Sewing duvet cover alteration

Being a neat freak french seams were the obvious choice. Upon closer inspection I saw the seams had been overlocked. Not wanting to appear Becky homecky I immediately re-threaded the overlocker with white thread  and overlocked the side seams.

Creates Sew Slow: Glamourous Sewing duvet cover overlocking

Pressed the seams using the seam roll and point press.  I even used the Louise Cutting sewing and corner pressing technique before sewing the flange. Isn't this an amazingly square corner -  a true sight to behold.

Creates Sew Slow: Glamourous Sewing duvet cover perfect corner

And there you have it some glamorous sewing for my glamorous lifestyle.

Shouldn't grumble at least it can now be used.

Creates Sew Slow: Glamourous Sewing duvet cover in use

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  1. I'm impressed with your responsible attitude. It would have been very tempting to shove it in the linen closet and ignore it like an unwelcome fami!Y member. I'm sure you can find some marvellous fabric to reward yourself :-)