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A Plethora of Leggings

During my no sewing period after our return from holiday there were a few RTW purchases. Mainly dresses and tunics and that brought on a mad urge for more leggings. It could also have been because it was winter and leggings are warmer than tights.

How to photograph them was a bit of a dilemma until I had the bright idea of hanging them all on the washing line.

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
From left to right: DKNY Navy & Milk Dot; Warm Black; Mint Shibori;
Dotty Black; Grey Jacquard; and Black Embossed Leggings
I have written about my self drafted leggings pattern before and there was nothing different about this group although I did use two-way stretch fabric for some of these. I adjust the width of my seam allowance, so that the leggings have more or less negative ease, depending on how stretchy the fabric is.

For the two-way stretch fabric I needed to add more length to the pattern both at the hem and the waistband. This is because the stretch only goes around my body. There is no up and down stretch, as you would get in a four-way stretch fabric.
Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Left: addition to the waistband; Right: at the hem
The coaster illustrates how different in scale these two pictures are
To make these leggings, fabric a minimum length of 115cm (45 inches) by 130cm (51 inches) wide is required. This includes the extra 4" (10cm) in length for two-way stretch fabric. The width is always the direction of greatest stretch.

The difference a fabric makes

It was interesting to see the difference the fabric made to the look of the leggings. It can clearly be seen in the photos of the two-way versus four-way stretch fabric, that stretch in both directions improves the look of the finished product. A dark colour also makes a difference to how they look with the light grey looking much worse than the black two-way stretch. The patterned four-way stretch fabric is also better at hiding the lumpy bits.

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Grey jacquard leggings - two-way stretch fabric; the camel toe and a saggy bum
Luckily these leggings will never be worn without a full coverage top/tunic
Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Warm black leggings - two way nearly stretch fabric
Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Mint Shibori leggings - four-way stretch fabric and a much better fitting garment

Grey jacquard stretch suiting fabric

This is a two-way stretch woven fabric from Fabric Vision in Christchurch. Not a favourite place to fabric shop but somewhere I go on occasion. The fabric has a cross-wise direction of stretch. These leggings look good with something over them but could never go out in public on their own!!

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Style Arc Sunny Top (made pre blog) and Kate Spade Go Taxi flats
Look I can almost stand on one leg
Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Camilla and Mark Rosamonde Dress and United Nude Fold Hi Liquorice booties
A much complimented ensemble when worn to work recently

Mint Shibori Leggings

A four-way stretch knit fabric from either Stonemountain and Daughter or Marcy Tilton.  I actually have two pieces of this fabric so it could be that I bought it from both places not realising it was the same, which is why I decided to make one of the pieces into leggings.

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Moochi top, United Nude Fold Mid Mint booties and Untouched World merino wrap
Relaxing on the sofa with a nice cup of tea after a hard day photographing Christchurch
Marcy Tilton Venice Panel Digital Print
Marcy Tilton Venice Panel Digital Print as used by Marcy for Vogue 9057
These mint shibori leggings will be a brilliant match with the Venice panel digital print.  I bought enough of this panel print to make both a dress (in combination with other fabrics) and a top. Could use the left overs from the shibori leggings for the dress. This is now on my list of To Do for the Christmas holidays.

DKNY Navy & Milk Dot

A four-way stretch DKNY interlock twist yarn (ITY) knit fabric very recently purchased from Silhouette Patterns. I even bought it to make these leggings so it didn't get any time to rest in the stash. The top may be treated to a rearrangement of its sleeves, shortened to ¾ length, as they are just right for scooping up the water when you are washing your hands.

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
The Morse Code or Jail Break outfit
Left: Oxford Farmers Market; Middle: Oxford jail; Right: Darfield jail
Leo + Be Jaime dress, Ivy Lee May bright blue shoe,
Untouched World Eco Possum Coat Cardi in Zephyr and Trelise Cooper Chasing Rainbows tote bag
I had not previously considered an ITY knit for leggings but these are so comfortable and they slide on and off your legs with ease.

Black Embossed Leggings

This is a poly/cotton two-way stretch fabric from Fabric Vision. This fabric had a length-wise direction of stretch. There is some give in the fabric cross-grain but not enough to consider this a four-way stretch fabric.

The fabric makes these leggings a bit different and I just love them. They have been worn quite a bit since they were made. This is how I wore them to work this week.

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Untouched World Ecopossum graphite coat cardi, Moochi dress and United Nude Zink Patch Mid Pop mix booties
Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Aren't the shoes just magical - had to add these to the collection

Dotty Black Leggings

I was given this four-way stretch fabric in the class I took to make the self-drafted leggings pattern and I made them up in class minus the elastic for the waistband.  However they were never finished as they just didn't fit properly due to the pattern drafting error.  Once I had sorted out my pattern I made the Tessuti leggings and put the dotty black pair in a dark corner. Whilst having my fit of leggings making these were unearthed from the unsuccessful projects pile. I unmade them then re-cut the fabric.

The fabric stretch is ideal, they are even comfortable enough to sit curled up on the floor without cutting off the circulation.

Apologies for the blurry feet my phone camera has a feature which automatically focuses on your face, obviously to facilitate selfies. Not releasing this feature existed and managing to accidentally turn it on there are quite a few photos where the extremities are blurry. Eventually I realised it was a feature that could be turned on or off.

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Untouched World Ecopossum graphite coat cardi, Moochi orange Enclose Tabard and Kate Spade Go Taxi flats

Warm Black Leggings

These are so cosy, with the feel of sweatshirting minus the fluffy inside. Originally I thought it was the black merino blend fabric I bought last year to make leggings but I was disabused of this idea when I did a burn test.  This fabric (I only used a scrap and did the burn test over the stainless steel kitchen sink) is hugely man-made it really caught alight when I put the flame to it and reduced to a plastic bobble. I have absolutely no idea where I bought it.

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings

This pair are the first ones I made with two-way (minimal) stretch fabric and I didn't add any length to compensate for the lack of stretch.  As a result they are not hemmed and the elastic is overlocked to the fabric but not turned under or they would have been too short.

Creates Sew Slow: A Plethora of Leggings
Moochi Laze Tabard with United Nude Jacky Lo Black + Silver booties
An outfit just to prove that I too have black in my wardrobe - enough to wear black head to toe. In this case with a hint of cobalt blue.

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