Saturday, 29 April 2017

A Singer Featherweight

This sewing machine is just fantastic, so well designed with amazing attention to detail. As well as being made whilst studying for a pretty serious set of exams.

Creates Sew Slow: Singer Featherweight Cake

OK so it is not a real Singer Featherweight.  I do have the real thing, which is what made Cath suggest it as the design idea for my birthday cake. Cath's daughter Jen is a sugarcrafter extraordinaire who uses cake making as a method of relaxation. Cath's blog contains many examples of Jen's creativity and she has blogged about my cake. Jen did have some help with the finishing touches from her sister Christina who is starting to develop her own sugarcraft skills.

Jen designed my Singer Featherweight cake from pictures on the internet having never seen one in real life, which makes the realism achieved even more amazing.  There was no time to make a foot but a cocktail stick was an excellent needle that also provided much needed structural support. The scroll work on the faceplate is so close to the real thing.

Creates Sew Slow: Singer Featherweight CakeCreates Sew Slow: Singer Featherweight Cake
Creates Sew Slow: Singer Featherweight Cake

It was such an amazing cake that it was three days before we could bear to cut into it! The sewing machine survives the cake cutting intact as do the roses but it still seemed a shame to destroy the careful quilting in the blue icing.
Creates Sew Slow: Singer Featherweight Cake

Creates Sew Slow: Singer Featherweight Cake

Creates Sew Slow: Singer Featherweight Cake

The sewing machine was quite heavy for the cake and there was a definite slump at the faceplate end of the cake when we finally cut into it.  The cake itself was a Victoria sponge and very tasty. The sewing machine is not for eating although made of edible ingredients (rice krispies and marshmallow).

It was great to spend my birthday last year in England with family and friends. This cake was just the icing on top!

Thanks Cath and Jen for an amazing cake which made for a very special birthday.

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  1. It was a good cake wasn't it and it was great to see you for your birthday last year. Jen's cake decorating is going from strength to strength. Once she's get her end of year project out of the way next month, I'm hoping we'll see some more masterpieces.