Saturday, 11 February 2017

A fabriholic

I was struck by my fabric buying habits with the contents of the washing line today.

Creates Sew Slow: Fabricaholic washing line

As it was to quote my gran "a good washing day" I decided to pre-wash some of the fabric accumulated over the last four months. Some of this fabric is a holiday memento from my trip to America in October from Britex Fabrics. Other bits are moments of internet shopping weakness from Stonemountain and Daughter and Silhouette Patterns. The majority is from in-person shopping at The Fabric Store including quite a bit of Liberty fabric.

When you see it all out on display like this you realise that perhaps you are a candidate for SABLE* not just curating your retirement fabric collection. But fabric is so tempting when you don't have time to sew you can dream about the garments you'll make and pet the fabric. And of course in your dreams every garment is a huge success and none of your beautiful fabric ends up a wadder.

Creates Sew Slow: Fabricaholic wash pile
And here it is neatly (ish) folded at the end of the day
I understand having cleared Mum's fabric collection out of the attic (and used some of it) that fabric can have a life beyond yours but I do still love it all and hope to sew it up one day. (Even the plastic box of fabric that came with us from England twenty odd years ago.)

A trip to Storage Box is now required - another three under-bed 60 litre plastic boxes should be about enough for the fabric resting on the spare bed. Then I am on a fabric diet - until I am visited by temptation again - I can resist anything but temptation (Oscar Wilde).

Creates Sew Slow: Fabricaholic spare bed

*stash accumulation beyond life expectancy

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  1. Buying fabric as a holiday memento has so much more potential than a tacky ornament. I am waiting to see what you make with that lovely kimono fabric you bought from Kimonomomo. Of course maintaining a stash does give us an opportunity to exercise our organisation skills. At work this week while discussing the storage of large equipment boxes, my boss made a joke that I must be a secret hoarder. I kept my mouth firmly shut but inside I was thinking - if only you knew!